Definition of New York fern

1. Noun. Slender shield fern of moist woods of eastern North America; sometimes placed in genus Dryopteris.

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Literary usage of New York fern

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Report: New York by Otis Stuart (1904)
"S. Haven, Bailey; Flint; Hubbardston and northward. Frequent. Th. •43. D. Noveboracensis (L.) A. Gray. New York fern. ..."

2. Our Ferns in Their Haunts: A Guide to All the Native Species by Willard Nelson Clute (1901)
"The New York fern is found from Newfoundland to North Carolina, Arkansas and Minnesota. It seldom reaches a greater height than two feet and is one of our ..."

3. Proceedings for the Eight Biennial Southern Silvicultural Research Conference by M. Boya Edwards (2001)
"Species common only in the mesic and intermediate sites were cherry birch trees and saplings, striped maple saplings, and New York fern. ..."

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