Definition of Conditionally

1. Adverb. Subject to a condition. "He accepted the offer conditionally"

Antonyms: Unconditionally

Definition of Conditionally

1. adv. In a conditional manner; subject to a condition or conditions; not absolutely or positively.

Definition of Conditionally

1. Adverb. under specified conditions ¹

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Definition of Conditionally

1. [adv]

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Literary usage of Conditionally

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Topics in Statistical Dependence by Henry W. Block, Allan R. Sampson, Thomas H. Savits (1990)
"DEPENDENCE IN conditionally SPECIFIED DISTRIBUTIONS BY BARRY C. ARNOLD University of California, Riverside Suppose that (X, Y) is a two-dimensional random ..."

2. Multivariate Analysis and Its Applications by Theodore Wilbur Anderson, Ingram Olkin, Kʻai-tʻai Fang (1994)
"Local regression can be modified in a simple way to produce conditionally parametric fits. The coplot is a graphical method that is particularly helpful for ..."

3. The Theory of Functions of a Real Variable and the Theory of Fourier's Series by Ernest William Hobson (1907)
"ABSOLUTELY AND conditionally CONVERGENT INTEGRALS. 273. An improper integral If(x) is said to be absolutely convergent if fb Ja rb the improper integral I ..."

4. History of the Commonwealth and Protectorate, 1649-1656 by Samuel Rawson Gardiner (1903)
"5 Charles II. conditionally proclaimed at Edinburgh. and Ireland. ... The young heir thus conditionally acknowledged at Edinburgh, was at this time at the ..."

5. The Code of Criminal Procedure of the State of New York by New York (State) (1850)
"Witn-esses to be examined-conditionally, for the defendant, as provided in this chapter. 684. In what cases defendant may apply for order. ..."

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