Definition of Nudeness

1. Noun. The state of being without clothing or covering of any kind.

Exact synonyms: Nakedness, Nudity
Generic synonyms: Condition, Status
Specialized synonyms: Nude, Altogether, Birthday Suit, Raw, Undress, Bareness
Derivative terms: Naked, Naked, Naked, Nude, Nude

Definition of Nudeness

1. nudity [n -ES] - See also: nudity

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Literary usage of Nudeness

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Quo Vadis: A Tale of the Time of Nero by Henryk Sienkiewicz (1897)
"The nudeness of the women seemed to excite no interest. They even refrained from betting as to who should die first, a thing usually done when smaller ..."

2. The American Naturalist by American Society of Naturalists, Essex Institute (1881)
"And yet this general nudeness is not without advantage of a weird sort to the true naturalist, because of a certain transparency which whets the faculties, ..."

3. The Social Welfare Forum: Official Proceedings ... Annual Forum by National Conference on Social Welfare, American Social Science Association, Conference of Charities (U.S., Conference of Charities (U.S.), National Conference of Social Work (U.S. (1920)
"... but displays of fleshly debauch of semi- nudeness, more repulsively lewd than the naked form can ever be and these are employed chiefly as setting, ..."

4. Adolescence: Its Psychology and Its Relations to Physiology, Anthropology by Granville Stanley Hall (1904)
"Papuans "glory in their nudeness and consider clothing fit only for women." (Westermarck: History of Human Marriage, p. 118 ft sfy.) Reclus (Primitive Folk ..."

5. The Popular Science Monthly (1891)
"... the desire for ornament has been the most powerful; that shame for nudeness, though sometimes acting, has been least potent; that two types of dress ..."

6. The History of Human Marriage by Edward Westermarck (1922)
"New Guinea, Gill wrote that they " glory in their nudeness, and consider clothing to be fit only for women."1 In one part of Timor, on the other hand,* as ..."

7. The Epic of the Fall of Man: A Comparative Study of Caedmon, Dante and Milton by Stephen Humphreys Villiers Gurteen (1896)
"The Lord of glory, Guardian of Mankind, In goodly raiment robed the guilty pair And bade them hide their nudeness from the gaze Of mortal eyes. ..."

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