Definition of Anton Bruckner

1. Noun. Austrian organist and composer of romantic music (1824-1896).

Exact synonyms: Bruckner
Generic synonyms: Composer, Organist

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Literary usage of Anton Bruckner

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Music (1897)
"DEATH OF Anton Bruckner. A telegram from Vienna announces the death of the distinguished contrapuntist and composer, Anton Bruckner, ..."

2. Masters of German Music by John Alexander Fuller-Maitland (1894)
"THE LITTLE MASTERS HEINRICH VON HERZOGENBERG— HEINRICH HOFMANN Anton Bruckner FELIX DRAESEKE IT may be permitted to borrow from a sister ait a convenient ..."

3. The Story of Chamber Music by Nicholas Kilburn (1904)
"RICHARD STRAUSS AND Anton Bruckner. Position with regard to classical form—Strauss's chamber music— Bruckner's character and individuality—Bruckner's ..."

4. The Numismatic Circularby Spink & Son by Spink & Son (1908)
"Anton Bruckner : OP : LXXV : AD NAT.FEC. F. " There are likewise two noteworthy busts of ... Anton Bruckner, under whom Mr. Hedley studied music in Vienna. ..."

5. Symphonies and Their Meaning: Third Series: Modern Symphonies by Philip Henry Goepp (1913)
"... of special, sensational effect, that make a peculiar appeal in their time, and are incompatible with true and permanent great- * Anton Bruckner, ..."

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