Definition of Book of Joshua

1. Noun. A book in the Old Testament describing how Joshua led the Israelites into Canaan (the Promised Land) after the death of Moses.

Exact synonyms: Joshua, Josue
Generic synonyms: Book
Group relationships: Old Testament, Nebiim, Prophets

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Literary usage of Book of Joshua

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Bible history: for the use of children, with descriptive explanations by the (1856)
"ON THE Book of Joshua. THE Book of Joshua was written by Joshua. ... The Book of Joshua contains the history of about thirty years.* CHAPTER LVI. ..."

2. Dr. William Smith's Dictionary of the Bible: Comprising Its Antiquities by Sir William Smith (1888)
"... and hie method of apportioning various parts of the book of Joshua to the several writers in ..."

3. The New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge: Embracing by Johann Jakob Herzog, Philip Schaff, Albert Hauck (1910)
"Moreover, while the general impression which the book of Joshua gives is that of a complete conquest, its individual expressions limit this (xxiii. 7, 12). ..."

4. The Age of Reason: Being an Investigation of True and Fabulous Theology by Thomas Paine (1896)
"But there is good reason to believe, that it was not written till the time of David, at least, and that the book of Joshua was not written ..."

5. Leviathan: Or, The Matter, Form, and Power of a Commonwealth Ecclesiastical by Thomas Hobbes (1885)
"That the Book of Joshua was also written long after the time of Joshua, may be gathered out of many places of the book itself. ..."

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