Definition of Castilleja miniata

1. Noun. Wildflower of western North America having ragged clusters of crimson or scarlet flowers.

Exact synonyms: Giant Red Paintbrush
Generic synonyms: Indian Paintbrush, Painted Cup

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Literary usage of Castilleja miniata

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Contributions from the Botanical Laboratory of the University of Pennsylvania by University of Pennsylvania Botanical Laboratory, University of Pennsylvania, Botanical Laboratory (1907)
"Castilleja miniata Dougl. Banff, Lake Louise, Field. Castilleja pallida Kunth. Sulphur Mountain at Banff, Lakes Louise, Moraine, McArthur and Emerald, ..."

2. Mount Rainier, a Record of Exploration by Edmond Stephen Meany (1916)
"Castilleja miniata Douglas. Castilleja angustifolia hispida (Bentham) Fernald. Very similar to the last, but the flower spikes shorter and the leaves ..."

3. Hooker's Journal of Botany and Kew Garden Miscellany by William Jackson Hooker (1849)
"... true C. septentrionalis, but it is at variance with his character of that species. 2. Castilleja miniata, Dougl. in Hook. Fl. Bor. Am. vol. ii. p. 106. ..."

4. Manual of Tree Diseases by William Howard Rankin (1918)
"This fungus requires the presence of the weeds, Castilleja miniata and other species of the same genus, in the vicinity of the pine in order to complete its ..."

5. Reports of Explorations and Surveys, to Ascertain the Most Practicable and by Joseph Henry, Spencer Fullerton Baird, United States War Dept, United States Army. Corps of Engineers (1860)
"Castilleja miniata, Dougl. On the bank of the Columbia, about latitude 48°. Flowering a second time September 20. MENTHA BOREALIS, Linn. ..."

6. With Sack and Stock in Alaska by Horatio George Broke, George Broke (1891)
"... which I had seen in abundance on the Pacific slope of the Canadian Pacific Railway, which is, I believe, known to botanists as Castilleja miniata. ..."

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