Definition of City of Bridges

1. Noun. A city in northwestern Belgium that is connected by canal to the North Sea; in the 13th century it was a leading member of the Hanseatic League; the old city (known as the City of Bridges) is a popular tourist attraction.

Exact synonyms: Bruges
Group relationships: Hanseatic League
Generic synonyms: City, Metropolis, Urban Center
Group relationships: Belgique, Belgium, Kingdom Of Belgium

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Literary usage of City of Bridges

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Municipal Affairs by Reform Club (New York, N.Y.) (1899)
"THE City of Bridges. BY JOHN DE WITT WARNER. In many respects all large cities must resemble each other—in the features that make a city such. ..."

2. The Town and City of Waterbury, Connecticut by Sarah Johnson Prichard (1896)
"So that the remark once made by a resident of Waterbury, that the City of Brass might with equal propriety be called the City of Bridges, was justified. ..."

3. Grisly Grisell: Or, The Laidly Lady of Whitburn; a Tale of the Wars of the Roses by Charlotte Mary Yonge (1893)
"THE City of Bridges. So for long hours sat Enid by her lord, There in the naked hall, propping his head, And chafing his pale hands, and calling to him. ..."

4. Bulletin of the New York Public Library by New York Public Library (1905)
".New York: MB Brown Co., 1899. 39 pp., I 1., i map, 2 pl 8°. Warner (John De Witt). The city of bridges. (Municipal Affairs. v. 3, pp. 651-663. ..."

5. Current Law (1904)
"1899, page 231, providing for the purchase, maintenance, use and condemnation by the city of bridges over streams separating or dividing parts or districts ..."

6. Monthly Bulletin of Books Added to the Public Library of the City of Boston by Boston Public Library (1902)
"... The city of bridges. (In Municipal Affairs. Dec., 1899. Pp. 651-663.) «3563-170-1899 Washington. The commission to prepare a plan for the artistic ..."

7. Pittsburg, PA: Photographic Portrait by Mark Bolster, Photographer (2007)
"From its humble beginnings as a one-industry town, the "City of Bridges" has grown into a vibrant center of international business with a metro area ..."

8. Civic Bibliography for Greater New York by Catharine S. Tracey, Howard Brown Woolston, Roger Howson, New York Research Council (1911)
"City Mission and Tract Soc., 236 City missions, see Missions City of bridges, 64 City of dreadful height, 59 City of Mammon, 6 City of romance, ..."

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