Definition of Ciudad Victoria

1. Noun. A city in east central Mexico.

Generic synonyms: City, Metropolis, Urban Center
Group relationships: Mexico, United Mexican States

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Literary usage of Ciudad Victoria

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Mexico of the Twentieth Century by Percy Falcke Martin (1908)
"Practically the whole of this portion is uninhabited, the main population being scattered round about the Port of Tampico and the capital, Ciudad Victoria. ..."

2. Highways of Commerce: The Ocean Lines, Railways, Canals, and Other Trade by United States Bureau of Foreign Commerce (1899)
"From Trevino this train leaves at 1.30 pm, and reaches Monterey at 6.40 pm; leaves Monterey 6.40 am, and arrives at Ciudad Victoria on the next day at 7.30 ..."

3. Mexico: Its Trade, Industries and Resources by Antonio García Cubas (1893)
"In the "Real del Borbon" in Villagran, to the NW of Ciudad Victoria, there are other abandoned mines of gold, silver and lead. The Sierra de San Carlos, ..."

4. Mexico's Gulf Coast by Joanie Sanchez (2004)
"Take Highway 180 south to reach Ciudad Victoria, Tampico, and points south along the coast (it follows the coastline, more or less). If you're going inland, ..."

5. Journal of the Telegraph by Western Union Telegraph Company (1901)
"C Ciudad Victoria, should be Class B, Ciudad Victoria. C Léon. Add: (Guanajuato). C Palomares, closed. C San Gabriel (Durango), closed. ..."

6. Names and Their Histories: A Handbook of Historical Geography and by Isaac Taylor (1898)
"Ciudad Victoria, in the Mexican province of Tamaulipas, was so named in 1825 after Guadelupe Victoria, the first president of the Mexican confederation. ..."

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