Definition of Departmental

1. Adjective. Of or relating to a department. "Departmental policy"

Partainyms: Department
Derivative terms: Department, Department

Definition of Departmental

1. a. Pertaining to a department or division.

Definition of Departmental

1. Adjective. Of or pertaining to a department. ¹

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Definition of Departmental

1. [adj]

Medical Definition of Departmental

1. Pertaining to a department or division. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Departmental

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Library Journal by American Library Association, Library Association (1898)
"The departmental libraries in Harvard, which are in the library ... Those in Columbia vary in the same manner, the zoological departmental library being ..."

2. Cost Accounting, Theory and Practice by Jerome Lee Nicholson (1913)
"CHAPTER XIII Departmental SYSTEMS Departmental and Estimating Cost Systems The departmental cost system is the next step in advance upon the estimating ..."

3. United States Supreme Court Reports by Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company, United States Supreme Court (1912)
"In a Mexican claim, where It appears the claim waa not presented to the departmental assembly, and not the slightest evidence exists In the archives of any ..."

4. Factory Organization and Administration by Hugo Diemer (1921)
"CHAPTER VI Departmental REPORTS 75. Purpose of Departmental Reports.—Departmental reports serve two purposes—they enable the head of each department to know ..."

5. On Parliamentary Government in England: Its Origin, Development, and by Alpheus Todd (1869)
"what is usually termed a departmental committee, appointed by a Treasury Minute/ or by the authority of a secretary of state, for the purpose of instituting ..."

6. Self-surveys by Colleges and Universities by William Harvey Allen (1917)
"Departmental Meetings and Conferences The very faculty members who protest most bitterly against administrative encroachment by dean or president will often ..."

7. The Story of the Exposition: Being the Official History of the International by Frank Morton Todd (1921)
"Departmental Congress on Kindergarten Education, August 17. Departmental Congress on ... Departmental Congress on Educational Investigation, August 18. ..."

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