Definition of Frank Stella

1. Noun. United States minimalist painter (born in 1936).

Exact synonyms: Frank Philip Stella, Stella
Generic synonyms: Painter

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Literary usage of Frank Stella

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. History of the Old Tennent Church by Frank Rosebrook Symmes (1904)
"MRS FRANK (STELLA KER) APPLEGATE of Princeton, N- J. was the dau. of Joseph Ker s. of Isaac s. of Joseph E. THOMAS J. KERR of Uniontown, Pa. was the son of ..."

2. Crimson Architectural Historians 1994-2002 by Stichting Rotterdam-Maaskant (2002)
"The design is absolutely fairytale-like, like a cross between early Walt Disney and late Frank Stella. Only the tiny figure standing next to the model says ..."

3. Architectuurgids Nederland: 1900-2000 = Architectural guide to the by Paul Groenendijk, Piet Vollaard (2006)
"... the artist Frank Stella. When he backed down Coop Himmelblau were asked to fill the gap at short notice. An expressive explosion of steel plate and ..."

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