Definition of Gentiana lutea

1. Noun. Robust European perennial having clusters of yellow flowers.

Exact synonyms: Great Yellow Gentian
Group relationships: Gentiana, Genus Gentiana
Generic synonyms: Gentian

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Literary usage of Gentiana lutea

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica: A Record of the Positive Effects of by Timothy Field Allen (1876)
"... the stool natural and well lubricated; I should say, however, that one powder required hours for a passage. Gentiana lutea, Linn. Gentiana lutea. ..."

2. The New Sydenham Society's Lexicon of Medicine and the Allied Sciences Henry Power, Leonard William Sedgwick, New Sydenham Society by Henry Power, Leonard William Sedgwick, New Sydenham Society (1888)
"The dried root of Gentiana lutea, occurring in nearly cylindrical pieces, or longitudinal slices, of various lengths, about an inch thick, ..."

3. Merck's 1896 Index: An Encyclopedia for the Physician and the Pharmacist by Merck & Co, Merck & Co., New York (1896)
"Ib. 1.00 Extract, Gentiana lutea, fluid.— US I Dote 10-90 m (0.6-1.8 Cc.). _c. b.—Ib. .75 Extract, Gentiana lutea, Compound, fluid cb—Ib. .85 Fr. gentian ..."

4. C.E. Hobbs' Botanical Hand-book: Of Common Local, English, Botanical and by Charles E. Hobbs (1876)
"Rt. as Gentiana lutea. Rt. ton. bit. sto. cme. ant. a-bil. ... Pl. and Rt. bit. ton. cho. see Gentiana lutea. Rt. bit. ton. dia. a-bil. see Gentiana lulea. ..."

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