Definition of Glauber's salt

1. Noun. (Na2SO4.10H2O) a colorless salt used as a cathartic.

Exact synonyms: Glauber's Salts
Generic synonyms: Salt

Definition of Glauber's salt

1. Noun. (inorganic compound) sodium sulphate decahydrate. ¹

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Medical Definition of Glauber's salt

1. Na2SO4-10H2O;an ingredient of many of the natural laxative waters, and also used as a hydragogue cathartic. Synonym: Glauber's salt. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Glauber's salt

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Manual of Inorganic Chemistry: Arranged to Facilitate the Experimental by Charles William Eliot, Frank Humphreys Storer (1869)
"This salt, long known as Glauber-s salt, contains, besides the elements of sulphate ... Place 10 grms. of crystallized Glauber-s salt in a warm, dry place. ..."

2. Handbook of Organic Chemistry: For the Use of Students by William Gregory, J. Milton Sanders (1857)
"One part of dilute hydrochloric acid with If Glauber-s salt, from —10° to ... With 2\ phosphate of soda, from +10°to — 11°; and with l£ Glauber-s salt, ..."

3. The Dyeing of Wool: Including Wool-printing, with the Dyestuffs of by Cassella, Leopold & Co., G.m.b.H., Cassella Color Company (1905)
"Glauber.s salt is used in the form of calcined (or desiccated) and ... Calcined Glauber.s salt is sometimes impure, containing especially an excess of ..."

4. Chemical Theory for Beginners by Leonard Dobbin, James Walker (1900)
"If Glauber-s salt is dissolved in hot water to form a saturated solution, and if the excess of solid is removed, then the solution thus obtained may be ..."

5. A Treatise on Chemistry by Henry Enfield Roscoe, Carl Schorlemmer (1883)
"If ordinary Glauber-s salt be allowed to remain exposed to the air, or more quickly if heated, the anhydrous salt is obtained, and if a solution of ..."

6. The Phase Rule and Its Applications by Alexander Findlay (1904)
"... and Glauber-s salt, the relative amount of sodium sulphate increases as the temperature rises, while in the solutions saturated for ..."

7. Elements of Chemistry: Including the Most Recent Discoveries and by Robert Kane, John William Draper (1842)
"... by the nature of the little crystal introduced: thus if equal parts of nitre and of glauber-s salt be mixed and dissolved in five parts of water, ..."

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