Definition of Glaucium

1. Noun. Herbs of Europe and North Africa and Asia: horned poppy.

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Literary usage of Glaucium

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Hortus Kewensis; Or, A Catalogue of the Plants Cultivated in the Royal by William Aiton (1811)
"Glaucium corniculatum. Curti* land. Chelidonium corniculatum. Willden. sp. pi. Î. p. 1143. Red Horn'd Poppy. Nat. of England. Fl. June and July. ..."

2. Gray's New Manual of Botany: A Handbook of the Flowering Plants and Ferns of by Asa Gray, Benjamin Lincoln Robinson, Merritt Lyndon Fernald (1908)
"Glaucium Karst.) — Waste places, se NE, Md., and Va.; aleo about Syracuse, NY ; not common. (Adv. from Eu.) 5. ..."

3. The Natural History of Pliny by Pliny, John Bostock, Henry Thomas Riley (1856)
"14 The Glaucium Corniculatum of Persoon; the horned poppy, or glau- cium. This, Fee remarks, is not a poppy in reality, but a species of the genus ..."

4. The New Sydenham Society's Lexicon of Medicine and the Allied Sciences Henry Power, Leonard William Sedgwick, New Sydenham Society by Henry Power, Leonard William Sedgwick, New Sydenham Society (1882)
"... of this species has been used to adulterate opium, and poisonous effects have been reported from its use. Also called Glaucium ..."

5. Transactions of the Natural History Society of Glascow by Natural History Society of Glasgow (1902)
"The President exhibited dried specimens of Glaucium flavum, Crantz. ... The six species of Glaucium known to science, including the British one, ..."

6. An Illustrated Flora of the Northern United States, Canada and the British by Nathaniel Lord. Britton, Hon. Addison. Brown (1913)
"Glaucium Mill. Gard. Diet. Abr. Ed. 4. 1754. Glaucous annual or biennial herbs, ... Fig. 1983. Chelidonium Glaucium L. Sp. Pl. 506. 1753. Glaucium flavum ..."

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