Definition of Kinsey

1. Noun. United States zoologist best known for his interview studies of sexual behavior (1894-1956).

Exact synonyms: Alfred Charles Kinsey
Generic synonyms: Animal Scientist, Zoologist

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Literary usage of Kinsey

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Pennsylvania Archives by Pennsylvania Dept. of Public Instruction, Pennsylvania State Library (1880)
"10,14,1795, Kinsey, Benjamin, and Margaret Hambleton. 8, 23,1749, Kinsey, ... 1,10,1770, Kinsey, Elizabeth, and Alexander Brown, Jr. 4, 5,1797, Kinsey, ..."

2. South Eastern Reporter by West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, West Publishing Company, South Carolina Supreme Court (1904)
"The plaintiff prosecutes this action for the recovery of $500, alleged to have been "advanced and loaned" to defendant's intestate, AG Kinsey, on November ..."

3. Cincinnati, the Queen City, 1788-1912 by S.J. Clarke Publishing Company (1912)
"GEORGE Kinsey. The substantial measure of success which makes possible retirement from business has been accorded George Kinsey, long a prominent ..."

4. Publications of the Southern History Association by Southern History Association (1901)
"So far have found very little about Kinsey in Virginia, and am limited to ... That Hugh Kinsey came to Virginia before 1655, bringing wife Margaret and ..."

5. The Province of New Jersey, 1664-1738 by Edwin Platt Tanner (1908)
"of a speaker, however, resulted in favor of John Kinsey.1 It is, indeed, unfortunate that ... To so able a critic as James Alexander, Kinsey seemed a man of ..."

6. Press Reference Library by International News Service (1915)
"Mr. Kinsey is descended from the oldest stock in the United States. Hie paternal ancestors were English, while on the maternal side his forbears were ..."

7. Genealogical History of Hudson and Bergen Counties, New Jersey by Cornelius Burnham Harvey (1900)
"families, being a great-great-grandson Of j0]in Kinsey ... James Kinsey was for some time Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of New Jersey. ..."

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