Definition of Madame Tussaud

1. Noun. French modeler (resident in England after 1802) who made wax death masks of prominent victims of the French Revolution and toured Britain with her wax models; in 1835 she opened a permanent waxworks exhibition in London (1761-1850).

Exact synonyms: Marie Grosholtz, Marie Tussaud, Tussaud
Generic synonyms: Modeler, Modeller

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Literary usage of Madame Tussaud

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Metropolitan (1838)
"We will quote here and there a passage, where we think Madame Tussaud is most at home ... We wish that Madame Tussaud had written herself — no matter in how ..."

2. A Woman's First Impressions of Europe: Being Wayside Sketches Made During a by Elizabeth A. Forbes (1865)
"An exhibition of wax-work has always seemed to me one of the very last sources of attraction, but Madame Tussaud has proved herself a real artist, ..."

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