Definition of Myrrhis odorata

1. Noun. European herb with soft ferny leaves and white flowers.

Exact synonyms: Sweet Cicely
Terms within: Sweet Cicely
Generic synonyms: Herb, Herbaceous Plant
Group relationships: Genus Myrrhis, Myrrhis

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Literary usage of Myrrhis odorata

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Dictionary of English Plant-names by James Britten, Robert Holland (1886)
"... constitutes the sweetbriar of cottage gardens.' i'L of Plymouth, p. 136. Sweet Chervil. Myrrhis odorata, L.—Ger. Prior, p. 228. Sweet Chestnut. ..."

2. Publications by English Dialect Society (1886)
"(2) Myrrhis odorata, L.—Durh. (Upper Teesdale). Anny, Pimpinella Anisum, L. ' " Some anny seeds be sweet and some more bitter." The Englishman's Docter ..."

3. The Fertilisation of Flowers by Hermann Müller (1883)
"3 —Hermaphrodite flower In its stage. fertilisation of Myrrhis odorata, which, in the neighbourhood of Lippstadt, occurs wild only in an isolated ..."

4. A Contribution to Our Knowledge of Seedlings by John Lubbock (1892)
"Those of Myrrhis odorata vary from 9-11-2 cm. in length, and are distinctly widened above the middle, beneath which they taper into the greatly elongated ..."

5. Proceedings of the American Pharmaceutical Association at the Annual Meeting by American Pharmaceutical Association, National Pharmaceutical Convention, American Pharmaceutical Association Meeting (1886)
"Ibid, 43-44- Myrrhis odorata—Presence of Glycyrrhizin. ... Selecting Myrrhis odorata, a handsome umbelliferous plant, found in the Alps and in the higher ..."

6. The Treasury of Botany: A Popular Dictionary of the Vegetable Kingdom; with by John Lindley (1866)
"The name Chervil is also applied generally to the plants referred to Cha?ro- phyllum. —, GREAT. Myrrhis odorata. —, NEEDLE. ... Myrrhis odorata. —, "WILD. ..."

7. The English Flower Garden: Design, Arrangement and Plans Followed by a by William Robinson (1895)
"Myrrhis odorata (Sweet Cicely).—A. graceful native plant, with a peculiar but grateful odour and sweet-tasting stems, 2 to 3 ft. high, with white flowers in ..."

8. The Phytologist: A Popular Botanical Miscellany edited by George Luxford, Edward Newman (1844)
"On the wooded banks of the river we found Rosa villosa, Myrrhis odorata, ... We were struck with the large quantity of Myrrhis odorata; and we found it so ..."

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