Definition of Myrtle

1. Noun. Widely cultivated as a groundcover for its dark green shiny leaves and usually blue-violet flowers.

Exact synonyms: Vinca Minor
Generic synonyms: Periwinkle

2. Noun. Any evergreen shrub or tree of the genus Myrtus.
Specialized synonyms: Common Myrtle, Myrtus Communis
Generic synonyms: Angiospermous Tree, Flowering Tree

Definition of Myrtle

1. n. A species of the genus Myrtus, especially Myrtus communis. The common myrtle has a shrubby, upright stem, eight or ten feet high. Its branches form a close, full head, thickly covered with ovate or lanceolate evergreen leaves. It has solitary axillary white or rosy flowers, followed by black several-seeded berries. The ancients considered it sacred to Venus. The flowers, leaves, and berries are used variously in perfumery and as a condiment, and the beautifully mottled wood is used in turning.

Definition of Myrtle

1. Proper noun. (English female given name). ¹

2. Noun. An evergreen shrub or small tree of the genus ''Myrtus'', native to southern Europe and north Africa. ¹

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Definition of Myrtle

1. an evergreen shrub [n -S]

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Literary usage of Myrtle

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