Definition of Northern Hemisphere

1. Noun. The hemisphere that is to the north of the equator.

Generic synonyms: Hemisphere
Terms within: Eurasia, Laurasia, North America

Definition of Northern Hemisphere

1. Noun. The hemisphere of the Earth (or any celestial body) to the north of its equator. ¹

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Literary usage of Northern Hemisphere

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

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"Point out that the area above the tape represents the Northern Hemisphere (the one that contains the United States) and that the area below the tape ..."

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"On the improbability of the theory that former Glacial Periods in the Northern Hemisphere were due to Eccentricity of the Earth's Orbit, and to its Winter ..."

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"Heat transferred from Southern to Northern Hemisphere by Ocean-current the true Explanation. —A large Portion of the Heat of the Gulf-stream derived from ..."

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6. The Physical Geography of the Sea by Matthew Fontaine Maury (1858)
"More Evaporating Surface in the Southern than in the Northern Hemisphere, 326. ... The extra-tropical Regions of the Northern Hemisphere Condenser for the ..."

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