Definition of Ozawa

1. Noun. United States conductor (born in Japan in 1935).

Exact synonyms: Seiji Ozawa
Geographical relationships: Japan, Nihon, Nippon
Generic synonyms: Conductor, Director, Music Director

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Literary usage of Ozawa

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Rambles Through Japan Without a Guide by Albert Leffingwell (1892)
"Ironworks at Ozawa—A Japanese engineer—Exploration of a mine —First ride on native pony—Mio-gi-san—Attempts at conversation—Rustic bridges—Spiders and ..."

2. The Mikado's Empire by William Elliot Griffis (1913)
"Artist at Work. (Hokusai) 379 62. Pagoda Spire, or Kiu-do. (" Brocade " picture) 381 63. A Flower Fair at Night in Tokio. (Nankoku Ozawa) 386 64. ..."

3. Journal of the American Asiatic Association by American Asiatic Association (1916)
"On January 13, 1915, a petition for admission to citizenship in this country was presented to the United States District Court by Mr. Takao Ozawa, ..."

4. A Handbook for Travellers in Japan: Including the Whole Empire from Yezo to by Basil Hall Chamberlain, W. B. Mason (1899)
"... when he met, at a ravine called Ozawa, a beautiful maiden who was none other than the goddess Benten. She consented to wed him, and then departed, ..."

5. UN Peace-keeping Operations: A Guide to Japanese Policies by L. William Heinrich, Akiho Shibata, Yoshihide Soeya (1999)
"... Ozawa and other party leaders were strongly in favour of expanding the SDF role in peace-keeping as part of a broader agenda aimed at making Japan a ..."

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