Definition of Paxton

1. Noun. English architect (1801-1865).

Exact synonyms: Joseph Paxton, Sir Joseph Paxton
Generic synonyms: Architect, Designer

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Literary usage of Paxton

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Dictionary of National Biography by LESLIE. STEPHEN (1895)
"Paxton was a man of strong religious feelings, and was highly esteemed by his friends and patients. His writings had much success. Their titles are: 1. ..."

2. The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans Rossiter Johnson, Brown, John Howard, 1840-1917, John Howard Brown, Johnson, Rossiter, 1840-1931 by Rossiter Johnson, Brown, John Howard, 1840-1917, John Howard Brown, Johnson, Rossiter, 1840-1931 (1904)
"He is the author of : Browns Collection Laws and Memoirs of the Johnson Family. Paxton, Elisha Franklin, soldier, was born in Rockbridge county, Va., ..."

3. Report by Illinois Highway Commission (1913)
"55834 Paxton. PELL STREET HO AD, FATTON TOWNSHIP, FORD COUNTY. The Paxton work was tar macadam construction. The soil upon which the road was built is black ..."

4. Annual Report by Illinois Farmers' Institute (1898)
"FJ Johnson, Paxton; Executive Committee, the Above named officers and one ... A literary and musical entertainment by the Paxton public schools and Rice ..."

5. Auction Prices of Books: A Representative Record Arranged in Alphabetical by Luther Samuel Livingston (1905)
"Paxton BOYS (THE). A Farce. Second edition. Phila., Armbruster, 1764. 16mo. ... Paxton BOYS. See Answer to Conduct of Paxton Men, and Barton (T.). ..."

6. Modern Eloquence by Thomas Brackett Reed, Rossiter Johnson, Justin McCarthy, Albert Ellery Bergh (1900)
"JOHN R. Paxton A SCOTCH-IRISHMAN'S VIEWS OF THE PURITAN [Speech of Rev. John R. Paxton, DD, at the seventy-seventh annual dinner of the New England Society ..."

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