Definition of Pay-station

1. Noun. A coin-operated telephone.

Exact synonyms: Pay-phone
Generic synonyms: Phone, Telephone, Telephone Set

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Literary usage of Pay-station

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Automatic Telephony: A Comprehensive Treatise on Automatic and Semi by Arthur Bessey Smith, Wilson Lee Campbell (1921)
"The circuit of a local battery magneto signalling pay station or line for ... On a common battery pay station line (Fig. 246), when a plug is inserted in ..."

2. Public Utility Rates: A Discussion of the Principles and Practice Underlying by Harry Barker (1917)
"pay-station commissions " were divided among pay-station classes on the ... pay-station expense " was split into two parts and one apportioned over the ..."

3. Telephone Law: The Organization and Operation of Telephone Companies by Archibald Harold McMillian (1908)
"PUBLIC PAY STATION CONTRACT. This Agreement, made this day of , 190 by and between The Telephone Company, party of the first part, and the second part. ..."

4. Telephones and Telegraphs: 1902: And Municipal Electric Fire Alarm and by United States Bureau of the Census, William Mott Steuart, Thomas Commerford Martin, Arthur Vaughan Abbott, William Mayer, jr (1906)
"Message rate subscribers were also encouraged to allow a public use of their telephones, and pay station signs were furnished to these subscribers. ..."

5. The Siege of University City: The Dreyfus Case of America by Sidney Levi Morse (1912)
"We employed the best electrical and mechanical experts and they evolved what was the predecessor of the modern pay station. The difference was this: The ..."

6. Commission Leaflets by Legal dept, American Telephone and Telegraph Company (1917)
"of Account 426, Pay Station Commissions, as to the accuracy of available data, ... Account 427-11, Pay Station Salaries and Wages, according to data ..."

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