Definition of Peloponnese

1. Noun. The southern peninsula of Greece; dominated by Sparta until the 4th century BC.

Exact synonyms: Peloponnesian Peninsula, Peloponnesus
Group relationships: Ellas, Greece, Hellenic Republic
Terms within: Sparta, Olympia
Generic synonyms: Peninsula
Derivative terms: Peloponnesian

Definition of Peloponnese

1. Proper noun. Also Peloponnesus; the peninsula forming the southern part of the mainland of Greece. One of the 13 peripheries of Greece; it contains Achaea, Arcadia, Argolis, Corinthia, Elia, Laconia and Messenia. Known as Morea in medieval times. ¹

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Literary usage of Peloponnese

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The History of the Peloponnesian War by Thucydides, Henry Dale, Thomas Arnold (1849)
"... though afterwards all of them did); and without the Peloponnese, ... which were situated between the Peloponnese and Crete, towards the east, ..."

2. The History and Antiquities of the Doric Race by Karl Otfried Müller (1830)
"The principal elevations in the Peloponnese form very nearly a circle, the circumference of which passes The area of the Peloponnese Op. vol. ..."

3. The History and Antiquities of the Doric Race by Karl Otfried Müller (1830)
"This character of the Peloponnese will become more evident, if we examine the peculiar nature of its mountain-chains. Though the Isthmus of Corinth ..."

4. The Latins in the Levant: A History of Frankish Greece (1204-1566) by William Miller (1908)
"... of both continental Greece and the Peloponnese, till the revolt was suppressed.2 The population of Greece at this time was not exclusively Hellenic. ..."

5. Classical Geography by Henry Fanshawe Tozer (1878)
"—The Peloponnese, from its broad surface and deeply indented outline, ... The mountains of the Peloponnese can best be i. The Peloponnese : Coast and ..."

6. Greece in the Age of Pericles by Arthur James Grant (1893)
"In the Peloponnese she was no longer the unquestioned mistress that she had been for so long. Even by the banks of the Eurotas she trembled before the ..."

7. Public Organization in Ancient Greece: A Documentary Study by Nicholas F. Jones (1987)
"Strabo comments (8.3.2: 336-337) that most of the places in the Peloponnese occurring in Homer the poet named, not as cities, but as regions, each composed ..."

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