Definition of Piet Mondrian

1. Noun. Dutch painter whose work (intersecting lines at right angles and planes in primary colors) influenced the development of abstract art (1872-1944).

Exact synonyms: Mondrian
Generic synonyms: Abstract Artist, Abstractionist

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Literary usage of Piet Mondrian

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. How to Teach Art to Children: Grades 1-6by Tanya Skelton, Joy Evans by Tanya Skelton, Joy Evans (2001)
"Piet Mondrian was born in 1872 and lived until 1944. ... Literature References Piet Mondrian by Hans Ludwig C. Jaffe; Harry N. Abrams, 1986. ..."

2. De Stijl Continued: The Journal Structure (1958-1964) an Artists' Debate by Jonneke Jobse (2005)
"... article 'Piet Mondrian et les origines du ... monograph Piet Mondrian. Life and \\'ork (1956), ..."

3. Droog Design: Spirit of the Nineties by Renny Ramakers, Gijs Bakker (1998)
"... with the artificial and its population's inner compulsion to regulate everything is, as it were, sublimated in the work and ideas of Piet Mondrian. ..."

4. The Nature of Landscape: A Personal Quest by Han Lorzing (2001)
"By most standards, Piet Mondrian was a most peculiar man. Although he lived part of his life in cities like Paris, London and New York, he led a solitary ..."

5. Joseph Csáky: A Pioneer of Modern Sculpture by Edith Balas (1998)
"In 1919 Piet Mondrian returned to Paris. By this time his ideas were already known to the avant-garde, having been published in the Mercure de ..."

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