Definition of Saale

1. Noun. A river that rises in central Germany and flows north to join the Elbe River.

Exact synonyms: Saale River
Group relationships: Deutschland, Federal Republic Of Germany, Frg, Germany
Generic synonyms: River

Definition of Saale

1. Noun. A river in Germany. ¹

2. Noun. used attributively to denote one of the glaciations of northern Europe ¹

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Literary usage of Saale

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Northern Germany: Handbook for Travellers by Karl Baedeker (Firm) (1877)
"Pedestrians will find a walk through the valley of the Saale to Schloss Burgk, 1a/4 hr., attractive. Lobenstein (1400 ft.; Kurhaus-Hotel; Löwe; Rathskeller; ..."

2. Levana: Or, The Doctrine of Education by Jean Paul (1891)
"Schwarzenbach-on-the-Saale was indeed in the possession of many things. ... Opposite were two large bridges and the accompanying Saale, and close by was the ..."

3. Levana: Or, The Doctrine of Education by Jean Paul (1891)
"... full of enthusiasm and zeal; his tongue was the lever of our childish minds, Schwarzenbach-on-the-Saale was indeed in the possession of many things. ..."

4. History of the consulate and the empire of france under napoleon by Adolphe Thiers, D. Forbes Campbell, Henry William Herbert (1893)
"They lied in disorder, rushing towards the bridges over the Saale, and from those bridges into the streets of Jena. In a few moments all was frightful ..."

5. The Housing of the Working People by United States Bureau of Labor, Elgin Ralston Lovell Gould (1895)
"... Halle on the Saale. The group of buildings is composed of several connected blocks. The frontage of each lot on which a single building is located is 52 ..."

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