Definition of Sir Fred Hoyle

1. Noun. An English astrophysicist and advocate of the steady state theory of cosmology; described processes of nucleosynthesis inside stars (1915-2001).

Exact synonyms: Fred Hoyle, Hoyle
Generic synonyms: Astrophysicist

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Literary usage of Sir Fred Hoyle

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Capital (1888)
"Unti the picture clears a little, there is probably no answer to that question. And the latest theories of British astronomers, Sir Fred Hoyle and Professor ..."

2. Mr Brouard's Odyssey by Diana Winsor (2004)
"Then Roger Milward idly remarked: "I recall Sir Fred Hoyle once describing die ring of post-holes around Stonehenge as a kind of computer for predicting the ..."

3. Neither Created Nor Evolved: Living Joyously Without a Creator by Walter Prytulak (2001)
"Sir Fred Hoyle who first endorsed spontaneous generation, and then changed his mind, went one up on Robert Shapiro. He estimated that the likelihood of ..."

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