Definition of Sir Edward William Elgar

1. Noun. British composer of choral and orchestral works including two symphonies as well as songs and chamber music and music for brass band (1857-1934).

Exact synonyms: Elgar, Sir Edward Elgar
Generic synonyms: Composer

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Literary usage of Sir Edward William Elgar

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Music Club Programs from All Nations: Giving an Historic Outline of Each by Arthur Elson (1907)
"At the head of these new leaders stands Sir Edward William Elgar (1857- ), a composer whose orchestral mastery is due wholly to self-education. ..."

2. Class List of Best Booksby Library Association by Library Association (1907)
"... ed. by JT Tanqueray. Reeves, 1906. Cr. 8vo. 69 pp. Illus. 2/6 net. 78: 92 С Newman (Ernest) Sir Edward William Elgar. (Music of the Masten). Lane, 1906. ..."

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