Definition of Sir Edwin Lutyens

1. Noun. English architect who planned the city of New Delhi (1869-1944).

Exact synonyms: Lutyens, Sir Edwin Landseer Luytens
Generic synonyms: Architect, Designer

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Literary usage of Sir Edwin Lutyens

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Annual Register edited by Edmund Burke (1921)
"Sir Edwin Lutyens, ARA, architect, and Mr. H. Hughes- Stanton, ARA, painter, were elected Royal Academicians. — Mr. Charles Sims, RA, was elected Keeper of ..."

2. Catalogue by Dulau & Co., ltd., Booksellers, London (1845)
"Foreword by Sir Edwin Lutyens. Portraits and plates, 8vo. 1934 Ios- 6d. 1035 JEX-BLAKE (AJ). Gardening in East Africa. A Practical Handbook. ..."

3. The Nature of Landscape: A Personal Quest by Han Lorzing (2001)
"For many years, Gertrude Jekyll worked together with a good friend of hers, the architect Sir Edwin Lutyens. Their cooperation was tried and tested: he ..."

4. The Little Garden by Francis King (1921)
"signed by Sir Edwin Lutyens, and would raise the level of beauty in any garden where it should be placed; but there are few such aids. ..."

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