Definition of Surya

1. Noun. An important god of later Hinduism; the sun god or the sun itself worshipped as the source of warmth and light.

Generic synonyms: Hindu Deity

Definition of Surya

1. Proper noun. (Hinduism) The chief solar deity, one of the Adityas, son of Kasyapa and one of his wives Aditi, of Indra, or of Dyaus Pita (depending by the versions). Portrayed with golden arms and hair, Surya drives through the heaven in his triumphal chariot harnessed by seven horses or one horse with seven heads, which represent the seven colours of the rainbow or the seven chakras. ¹

2. Proper noun. (Sanskrit male given name) used in India. ¹

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Literary usage of Surya

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Cyclopædia;: Or, Universal Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Abraham Rees by Abraham Rees (1819)
"Surya, in Hindoo Mythology, is the common name of the fun, ... to Surya by the elegant writer already named, is fully «cog. nized by intelligent Hindoos. ..."

2. Hindu Mythology, Vedic and Purānic by William Joseph Wilkins (1882)
"I. Surya. Surya and Savitri are two names by which the Sun is addressed in the Vedic hymns. Sometimes the one name is used exclusively, sometimes they are ..."

3. Researches Into the Nature and Affinity of Ancient and Hindu Mythology by Vans Kennedy (1831)
"Surya (THE SUN). — GANESHA. I CAN discover no grounds for this fanciful remark of Sir W. Jones: — " It is probable that the triple divinity of the Hindus ..."

4. The Mythology of All Races by Louis Herbert Gray, George Foot Moore, John Arnott MacCulloch (1917)
"Surya is constantly the actual solar element and is conceived in many forms, ... In another aspect Surya is Savitr, the "Impeller" or "Instigator," the ..."

5. Contributions to the Science of Mythology by Friedrich Max Müller (1897)
"That Rohita should also be said to surpass Agni and Surya (ver. ... One of the most prominent features in the character of Surya, the sun, ..."

6. Old Deccan Days: Or, Hindoo Fairy Legends Current in Southern India by Mary Frere, Bartle Frere (1898)
"Then Surya Bai pounded the rice, but the young Rakshas had not returned by the ... So Surya Bai swept the house ; but still the young Rakshas did not come. ..."

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