Definition of Apple dumpling

1. Noun. Apples wrapped in pastry and baked.

Generic synonyms: Dumpling

Definition of Apple dumpling

1. Noun. a baked dessert made from apples ¹

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Literary usage of Apple dumpling

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Mrs. Putnam's Receipt Book: And Young Housekeeper's Assistant by Elizabeth H. Putnam (1869)
"... dredge in a little flour; roll it up, and then roll it out the size required for the pudding. Put the apples in, and boil it as above. apple dumpling. ..."

2. Favorite Dishes: A Columbian Autograph Souvenir Cookery Book. Over Three by Carrie V. Shuman (1893)
"Dust with powdered sugar and serve hot. Baked apple dumpling. From MRS. SCHUYLER COLFAX, of Indiana, Alternate Lady Manager - at - Large. ..."

3. Picture Logic: Or, The Grave Made Gay; an Attempt to Popularise the Science by Alfred James Swinbourne (1875)
"Very well; here dumpling is the genus, and apple dumpling, currant dumpling, &c., the species, and the attributes " made of apple, made of suet, ..."

4. Christ Among the Cattle: A Sermon Preached in the First Congregational by Frederic Rowland Marvin (1906)
"... he would from an apple dumpling! It is not to be doubted that inhumanity may be found in persons of very high standing as physiologists. ..."

5. The Creole Cookery Book (1885)
"BAKED apple dumpling. Large sized cooking apples, pare and core, (be careful not to make holes through) ; enclose each in the usual pic paste; ..."

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