Definition of Apple jelly

1. Noun. Jelly made from apple juice.

Generic synonyms: Jelly
Specialized synonyms: Crabapple Jelly

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Literary usage of Apple jelly

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Boston Cooking-school Cook Book by Fannie Merritt Farmer (1896)
"Crab apple jelly. Follow recipe for apple jelly, leaving apples whole instead of cutting in quarters. i". ay. Currant- are in the I\ ,. condition for making ..."

2. A New System of Domestic Cookery: Formed Upon Principles of Economy and by Maria Eliza Ketelby Rundell (1824)
"apple jelly, to serve at table. Prepare twenty golden pippins ; boil them in a pint and a half of water from the spring, till quite tender; then strain the ..."

3. The Home Cook Book: A Collection of Practical Receipts by Expert Cooks (1905)
"... Preserves—apple jelly—Apple Ginger—Blackberry Jam—Branched Cherries—Crab-Apple Jelly—Cranberry Catsup—Spiced Cranberries—Raisin and Cranberry Jam—Spiced ..."

4. Food Inspection and Analysis: For the Use of Public Analysts, Health by Albert Ernest Leach (1920)
"The finest grade of apple jelly, for instance, is made without any added sugar ... In making the better grades of apple jelly, apple juice fresh from the ..."

5. The Encyclopedia of Practical Horticulture: A Reference System of Commercial by Granville Lowther, William Worthington (1914)
"apple jelly may be made at any time of the year, but winter apples are best and should be ... When it is found necessary to make apple jelly in the spring, ..."

6. Mrs. Putnam's Receipt Book: And Young Housekeeper's Assistant by Elizabeth H. Putnam (1869)
"apple jelly, WITH CUSTARD. Take a pound of white sugar; put it into a pint of cold water; let it boil till it is a rich syrup, then add as much apple as it ..."

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