Definition of Athletes

1. Noun. (plural of athlete) ¹

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Definition of Athletes

1. athlete [n] - See also: athlete

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Literary usage of Athletes

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Science by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1906)
"The averages thus reached are drawn from 2030 grades for athletes and 9320 ... For the whole five years the average rank of all athletes in all studies was ..."

2. Working with Youth in High-Risk Environments: Experiences in Prevention edited by Carol E. Marcus, John D. Swisher (1996)
"The athletes Coaching Teens (ACT) program addressed the need for an AOD use ... One is the use of high-profile professional and amateur athletes to serve as ..."

3. The Metabolism and Energy Transformations of Healthy Man During Rest by Francis Gano Benedict, Thorne Martin Carpenter (1910)
"COMPARISON OF THE METABOLISM OF athletes AND NON-athletes. If the assumption is true that the proportion of active protoplasmic tissue present in the body ..."

4. A Biometric Study of Basal Metabolism in Man by James Arthur Harris, Francis Gano Benedict (1919)
"ILLUSTRATION D. METABOLISM OF athletes. As an example of the application of these equations, or tables, in the solution of a specific physiological problem, ..."

5. Anabolic Steroid Abuse by Geraline C. Lin (1996)
"The AS-use rate among athletes was greater for males (6.7 percent vs. ... However, the percent of intercollegiate athletes who reported AS use rose from 15 ..."

6. Athletics and Mathematics in Archaic Corinth: The Origins of the Greek Stadionby David Gilman Romano, ( by David Gilman Romano, ( (1993)
"38) aroui return towards the eastern enc om the break line toward the e there would have been a sin- h the athletes would turn and course in a single ..."

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