Definition of Bankability

1. Noun. The state or condition of being bankable. ¹

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Definition of Bankability

1. [n -TIES]

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Literary usage of Bankability

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Environmental Financing in the Russian Federation by Centre for Co-operation with Non-members (1998)
"In any case, once environmental investment projects can demonstrate environmental benefits, then the viability or "bankability" of the investment project ..."

2. Developing China's Natural Gas Market: The Energy Policy Challenges by International Energy Agency (2002)
"... honour long-term off-take agreements, in order to enhance the bankability of the whole gas chain from upstream exploration to midstream transportation. ..."

3. The Clean and Efficient Use of Coal and Lignite: Its Role in Energy by International Energy Agency (1994)
"... are assured of bankability from the economic, technical, commercial, financial and social points of view. At the same time, as a governmental bank of ..."

4. Foreign Direct Investment in China: Challenges and Prospects for Regional by Centre for Co-operation with Non-members (2002)
"A greater availability of RMB-loans and an improved bankability of projects would be highly instrumental to attracting foreign investors, which until now ..."

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