Definition of Baseball cap

1. Noun. A cap with a bill.

Exact synonyms: Golf Cap, Jockey Cap
Terms within: Bill, Eyeshade, Peak, Visor, Vizor
Generic synonyms: Cap

Definition of Baseball cap

1. Noun. A cap with a rounded crown and a curved, stiffened bill at the front. ¹

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Literary usage of Baseball cap

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. An Inverted Sort of Prayer by Chris F. Needham (2006)
"I wanted to go in and find that Indian, that one with die Fighting Irish baseball cap I'd spoken with a few days earlier. But then I didn't know what I ..."

2. Paper Craftsby Jo Ellen Moore by Jo Ellen Moore (1997)
"Glue the cap on the head like a baseball cap. The brim turns up. 4. Use crayons to draw eyes, nose, and mouth. Draw in hair peeking out from under the cap. ..."

3. Rights Denied: The Roma of Hungary by Human Rights Watch. Helsinki Watch, Human rights watch-Helsinki, Rachel Guglielmo, Human Rights Watch Staff, Human Rights Watch / Helsinki, Timothy Waters, Jeri Laber, Holly Cartner, Watch Human Rights (1996)
"The two young men maintain that they were not present at the attack; Farkas asserts that a baseball cap he found next to his house was reclaimed by one of ..."

4. The Coming Generation by William Byron Forbush (1912)
"In the next room his younger brother is still wearing his baseball cap on his head, while incongruously clasping his doll to his breast. ..."

5. The world's wit and humor: an encyclopedia of the classic wit and humor of by Lionel Strachey (1906)
"... who wears a baseball cap. The only fox-hunting I have ever done was on board an impetuous, tough-bitted, fore-and-aft horse that had emotional insanity. ..."

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