Definition of Baseball game

1. Noun. A ball game played with a bat and ball between two teams of nine players; teams take turns at bat trying to score runs. "Play ball!"

Exact synonyms: Baseball
Examples of category: Hit, Bobble, Error, Misplay, Fumble, Muff, Delivery, Pitch, Bullet, Fastball, Heater, Hummer, Smoke, Batting, Fielding, Catching, Pitching, Base On Balls, Pass, Walk, Fair Ball, Foul Ball, Bunt, Fly, Fly Ball, Blast, Pop Fly, Pop-fly, Pop-up, Ground Ball, Groundball, Grounder, Hopper, Out, Force, Force Out, Force Play, Force-out, Putout, Strikeout, Sacrifice, Base Hit, Safety, Line Drive, Liner, Plunk, Plunker, Shoestring Catch, Tag, Flare, Texas Leaguer, At-bat, Bat, Ball Game, Ballgame, Assist, Baseball Play, Backstop, Ballpark, Park, Baseball Diamond, Diamond, Infield, Baseball Equipment, Home, Home Base, Home Plate, Plate, Hill, Mound, Pitcher's Mound, Batting Order, Card, Lineup, Cleanup, Cleanup Position, Cleanup Spot, Earned Run Average, Era, Ground Rule, Farm Club, Farm Team, Big League, Major League, Majors, Bush League, Minor League, Minors, Lead, Strike Zone, Ballplayer, Baseball Player, Baseball Coach, Baseball Manager, Base Runner, Runner, Bat Boy, Batsman, Batter, Hitter, Slugger, Batting Coach, Backstop, Catcher, Closer, Finisher, Pitching Coach, First Baseman, First Sacker, Infielder, Outfielder, Right-handed Pitcher, Right-hander, Pinch Hitter, Hurler, Pitcher, Twirler, Screwballer, Second Baseman, Second Sacker, Shortstop, Starting Pitcher, Third Baseman, Third Sacker, Batting Average, Hitting Average, Batting Average, Fielding Average, Triple Crown, Frame, Inning, Die, Fumble, Backstop, Bear Down, Catch, Cut Down, Cut Out, Steal, Walk, Drive In, Walk, Foul, Retire, Strike Out, Put Out, Ground Out, Fly, Bounce Out, Pop, Ground, Ground, Pull, Connect, Bunt, Drag A Bunt, Single, Double, Triple, Fan, Whiff, Bat, Bat, Bat, Switch-hit, Strike Out, Submarine, Tag, Nab, Put Out, Retire, Draw, Get, Run Bases, Wind Up, Away, Outside, Fair, In-bounds, Foul, Safe, Out, Ball-hawking, No-hit, Triple-crown, Hitless, Aboard, On Base
Generic synonyms: Ball Game, Ballgame
Specialized synonyms: Ball, Professional Baseball, Hardball, Perfect Game, No-hit Game, No-hitter, 1-hitter, One-hitter, 2-hitter, Two-hitter, 3-hitter, Three-hitter, 4-hitter, Four-hitter, 5-hitter, Five-hitter, Softball, Softball Game, Rounders, Stickball, Stickball Game, Steal

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Literary usage of Baseball game

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Literary Digest History of the World War: Compiled from Original and (1919)
"NY KING GEORGE AT AN AMERICAN baseball game IN LONDON Admiral Sims Is presenting to the King the captain of the American Navy team ..."

2. Training the Boy by William Arch McKeever (1913)
"THE baseball game Baseball is our greatest national sport. During recent years this interesting game has undergone many revolutionary processes, ..."

3. Elementary English Composition by Fred Newton Scott, Joseph Villiers Denney (1908)
"J. In what order should the following facts about a baseball game be arranged? Should any be omitted? Should any be united ? Write a narrative of the game, ..."

4. Teaching Tips: 105 Ways to Increase Motivation & Learningby Spence Rogers by Spence Rogers (1999)
"For example, if a concept being taught is "safety," the students may act like umpires in a baseball game as they indicate a runner is "safe. ..."

5. American State Trials: A Collection of the Important and Interesting by John Davison Lawson, Robert Lorenzo Howard (1918)
"The next time that I called Mr. Candler up, it was a question of a Sunday baseball game. A baseball promoter had told me that if I could get the ..."

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