Definition of Baseball score

1. Noun. The score of a baseball game.

Generic synonyms: Score

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Literary usage of Baseball score

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Massage and therapeutic exercise by Mary McMillan (1921)
"Bat baseball. Score number of hits. A daily record should be kept for each patient. Hard balls should never be used, for fear of hurting the patient. ..."

2. The Book of Athletics by Paul Withington, Lothrop Withington (1914)
"SCORING THE GAME DOWN in " little old New York," as its denizens love to call it, there is a vender of baseball score-cards who probably will be remembered ..."

3. Athletic Games in the Education of Women by Gertrude Dudley, Frances Kellor (1909)
"Keeping a baseball score is so complicated that it should be made a matter of careful instruction. Scorers should also know how to work out percentages, ..."

4. Modern Engineering Practice: A Reference Library by American School (Chicago, Ill.) (1906)
"... marine, and railway DH Then there is the press service, making use, in some coses, of fixed forms fur a baseball score, golf score, and the like. ..."

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