Definition of Beef jerky

1. Noun. Strips of dried beef.

Generic synonyms: Jerk, Jerked Meat, Jerky

Definition of Beef jerky

1. Noun. jerked meat of bovine origin ¹

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Literary usage of Beef jerky

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Ten-minute Plays: By Students for Students (2001). by Lindsay Price, Price, Lindsay, 1969- (2001)
"What we need around here is a good rumour and some beef jerky! That's all I ask! ... CHORUS GIRL #2: She's right... maybe we do need more beef jerky. ..."

2. Addressing Foodborne Threats to Health: Policies, Practices, and by Board on Global Health, Forum on Microbial Threats, Institute of Medicine (U.S. (2006)
"An outbreak of Salmonella Kiambu associated with beef jerky in 2003 was detected by linking PFGE patterns from food monitoring to disease surveillance ..."

3. The Navy Seal Nutrition Guide by Patricia A. Deuster (1996)
"beef jerky, 4 oz. Exceed/Glucose Polymer Beverage, 1 quart Dinners - -1500 kcal, 300 grams of CHO Chicken Primavera, 5 oz. Garden Veggies, 1.5 oz. ..."

4. Nutrient Composition of Rations for Short-term, High-intensity Combat Operations by Institute of Medicine (U. S.), Fnb, High-stress Situations, Committee on Military Nutrition Research, National Academy of Sciences (2006)
"Items in the current prototype ration include fruit bars, dried fruit, meat pockets, a dairy bar, and beef jerky. The acceptability of these prototype food ..."

5. History of Arizona by Thomas Edwin Farish (1916)
"So I tied my blankets to my saddle, packed a few pounds of dried beef, jerky, a little coffee, sugar, crackers, etc., to last four days, as the distance to ..."

6. How to Become a Hindu: A Guide for Seekers and Born Hindus = Hindu Kanthaṃ by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, Subramuniya (2000)
"It gives the world leather belts, leather seats, leather coats and shoes, beef jerky, cowboy hats—you name it. The cow is the most prominent giving animal ..."

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