Definition of Beef loin

1. Noun. Cut of meat from a loin of beef.

Generic synonyms: Cut Of Beef
Terms within: Sirloin, Porterhouse, Porterhouse Steak
Group relationships: Beef, Boeuf

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Literary usage of Beef loin

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Farm Arithmetic: To be Used with Any Text-book of Arithmetic Or Without by Charles William Burkett, Karl Dale Swartzel (1913)
"beef loin is worth 25 cents per pound, butter 25 cents per pound, ... When beef loin sells at 25 cents per pound, how many pounds of digestible ..."

2. Economical Cookery by Marion Harris Neil (1918)
"Baking Beef, loin or ribs, rare, per pound 8 to 10 minutes Beef, loin or ribs, well done, per pound . . . . 12 to 16 minutes Beef, ribs, rolled, ..."

3. The Americans at Home: Pen-and-ink Sketches of American Men, Manners, and by David Macrae (1870)
"Beef ; loin of lamb ; pig, with apple sauce ; loin of pork ; loin of mutton ; loin of veal. Entrees.—Beef à la mode ; calves head, with brain sauce ..."

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