Definition of Brick over

1. Verb. Wall up with brick.

Exact synonyms: Brick In, Brick Up
Generic synonyms: Wall In, Wall Up

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Literary usage of Brick over

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Babyhood: Devoted Exclusively to the Care of Infants and Young Children (1887)
"Place the next right-hand upper brick over the top of the tunnel, just in front, and lying on its broad face. Place the FIG. 5. left-hand upper brick behind ..."

2. Materia Medica of Hindoostan, and Artisan's and Agriculturist's Nomenclature.. by Whitelaw Ainslie (1813)
"Mk powder : another pot ii then to be taken, яти! filled lia!f fall of small " pieces oí brick, over which it to be laid one measure of common Salt : on the ..."

3. Practical Stationary Engineering: In Form of Questions and Answers by Andrew Cassius West (1909)
"What support the brick over the back connection? The brick over the back connection are supported either flat cast-iron plates or by arch bars; ..."

4. Architecture and Urbanization in Colonial Chiapas, Mexico by Sidney David Markman (1984)
"The preference for brick over stone may very well have been natural for the builders who must have gained their experience as craftsmen in lower Andalusia ..."

5. Vitrified Paving Brick: A Review of Present Practice in the Manufacture by Herbert Allen Wheeler (1895)
"The tumbling, rolling and sliding of the brick over each other will be more than ample to compensate for the loss of the foreign matter by ..."

6. The Cultivator by New York State Agricultural Society (1860)
"... fire below is spread out thinly over the whole broad surface of the kettle, by leaving a space between the kettle and the brick, over the whole surface, ..."

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