Definition of Brown

1. Noun. An orange of low brightness and saturation.

2. Verb. Fry in a pan until it changes color. "The chefs brown the vegetables"; "Brown the meat in the pan"
Category relationships: Cookery, Cooking, Preparation
Generic synonyms: Cook

3. Adjective. Of a color similar to that of wood or earth.
Exact synonyms: Brownish, Chocolate-brown, Dark-brown
Similar to: Chromatic
Derivative terms: Brownness

4. Noun. Scottish botanist who first observed the movement of small particles in fluids now known a Brownian motion (1773-1858).
Exact synonyms: Robert Brown
Generic synonyms: Botanist, Phytologist, Plant Scientist

5. Verb. Make brown in color. "The draught browned the leaves on the trees in the yard"
Exact synonyms: Embrown
Generic synonyms: Color, Color In, Colorise, Colorize, Colour, Colour In, Colourise, Colourize

6. Adjective. (of skin) deeply suntanned.
Exact synonyms: Browned
Similar to: Brunet, Brunette

7. Noun. Abolitionist who was hanged after leading an unsuccessful raid at Harper's Ferry, Virginia (1800-1859).
Exact synonyms: John Brown
Generic synonyms: Abolitionist, Emancipationist

8. Noun. A university in Rhode Island.
Exact synonyms: Brown University
Generic synonyms: University
Group relationships: Ivy League
Group relationships: Little Rhody, Ocean State, Rhode Island, Ri

Definition of Brown

1. a. Of a dark color, of various shades between black and red or yellow.

2. n. A dark color inclining to red or yellow, resulting from the mixture of red and black, or of red, black, and yellow; a tawny, dusky hue.

3. v. t. To make brown or dusky.

4. v. i. To become brown.

Definition of Brown

1. Proper noun. (surname common from=Middle English) ¹

2. Noun. A colour like that of chocolate or coffee. ¹

3. Noun. (context: snooker) One of the colour balls used in snooker with a value of 4 points. ¹

4. Adjective. Having a brown colour. ¹

5. Verb. To become brown. ¹

6. Verb. (cooking) To cook something until it becomes brown. ¹

7. Verb. To tan. ¹

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Definition of Brown

1. of a dark color [adj BROWNER, BROWNEST] / to make brown [v -ED, -ING, -S] - See also: brown

Medical Definition of Brown

1. Of a dark colour, of various shades between black and red or yellow. "Cheeks brown as the oak leaves." (Longfellow) Brown Bess, the old regulation flintlock smoothbore musket, with bronzed barrel, formerly used in the British army. Brown bread Dark coloured bread; especially. A kind made of unbolted wheat flour, sometimes called in the United States Graham bread. "He would mouth with a beggar though she smelt brown bread and garlic." . Dark coloured bread made of rye meal and Indian meal, or of wheat and rye or Indian; rye and Indian bread. Brown coal, wood coal. See Lignite. Brown hematite or Brown iron ore, a ferruginous variety of dolomite, in part identical with ankerite. Brown stone. See Brownstone. Brown stout, a strong kind of proter or malt liquor. Brown study, a state of mental abstraction or serious reverie. Origin: OE. Brun, broun, AS. Brn; akin to D. Bruin, OHG. Brn, Icel. Brnn, Sw. Brun, Dan. Bruun, G. Braun, Lith. Brunas, Skr. Babhru. 93. Cf. Bruin, Beaver, Burnish, Brunette. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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"John brown : a petition in behalf of the hero of Harper's Ferry. $5; $15. ... brown, W: E. Divine key of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. In 2 vv 2. ..."

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