Definition of Businesses

1. Noun. (plural of business) ¹

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Definition of Businesses

1. business [n] - See also: business

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Literary usage of Businesses

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Owed Justice: Thai Women Trafficked Into Debt Bondage in Japan by Kinsey Dinan (2000)
"Under the law, entertainment businesses are divided into two main categories, entertainment businesses and sex entertainment businesses, each of which has ..."

2. National Drug Control Strategy: A Nation Responds to Drug Use (1992)
"Small businesses. Large and medium-sized businesses more often than not have a ... However, small businesses, which employ over 50 percent of the work force ..."

3. Women Business Owners: Selling to the Federal GovernmentSocial Scienc (1993)
"As of 1987, women-owned businesses accounted for roughly 30 percent of all US businesses and about 13.9 percent of total US business receipts. ..."

4. Concentration and Control: A Solution of the Trust Problem in the United States by Charles Richard Van Hise (1912)
"As is usual when a great combination is formed, the companies concerned went into allied businesses. Since licorice is one of the important materials used ..."

5. Problems Surrounding the Mortgage Origination Process: Congressional Hearing edited by Lauch Faircloth, Connie Mack (2000)
"In a truly competitive market, affiliated businesses would survive only if this ... However, the current law gives advantage to affiliated businesses, ..."

6. SBIR Program Diversity and Assessment Challenges: Report of a Symposium by Charles W. Wessner (2004)
"According to recent US Census data (1999-2000), small businesses created three-quarters of US net new jobs (2.5 million of the 3.4 million total). ..."

7. Health Security: The President's Report to the American People by Domestic Policy Council (U. S.) (1993)
"Limits on What Consumers and businesses Pay The Health Security Act also takes several important steps to protect families and businesses from rising health ..."

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