Definition of Car bomb

1. Noun. A bomb placed in a car and wired to explode when the ignition is started or by remote control or by a timing device.

Generic synonyms: Bomb

Definition of Car bomb

1. Noun. An automobile laden with a large amount of explosives, and used as a bomb primarily in order to cause external damage. ¹

2. Noun. An explosive device installed in an automobile with the primary purpose to kill the occupants of the car. ¹

3. Noun. (slang) Flatulence in an enclosed automobile. ¹

4. Noun. An alcoholic beverage made by dropping a shot of liquor into a glass of beer. ¹

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Literary usage of Car bomb

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Endless Torment: The 1991 Uprising in Iraq and Its Aftermath by Eric Goldstein, Middle East Watch (Organization), Andrew Whitley (1992)
"Responsibility was neither claimed nor determined for a car bomb that exploded outside a Kurdish political office in central ..."

2. Surviving Twilight: A Soldier's Chronicle of Daily Life in Iraq by Shane A. Bernskoetter (2005)
"As best anyone could figure, it was a car bomb that detonated while its owner was taking it out for a spin to test the now sluggish handling. Cool. ..."

3. Erased in a Moment: Suicide Bombing Attacks Against Israeli Civilians by Joe Stork (2002)
"Phil Reeves, "Truce hangs in the balance after car bomb explodes in Jerusalem," ... Dina Kraft, "Two dead, more than fifty injured, in car bomb explosion in ..."

4. Ninth Day of Creationby Leonard Crane by Leonard Crane (2000)
"car bomb. Despite having been warned otherwise just a second earlier, the President's first thought was that someone had planted a powerful car bomb beneath ..."

5. Human Rights and the "politics of Agreements": Chile During President Aylwin by Cynthia G. Brown, Human Rights Watch (Organization) (1991)
"Carlos Prats and his wife were killed by a car bomb in Buenos Aires, in September 1974; Christian Democratic figure Bernardo Leighton and his wife survived ..."

6. Patterns of Global Terrorism, (1995) by DIANE Publishing Company (1995)
"Greece A bomb detonated in a Lindos restaurant on the lsland of Rhodes, seriously injuring an ltalian tourist and a Greek citizen. Argentina A car bomb ..."

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