Definition of Certificating

1. certificate [v] - See also: certificate

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Literary usage of Certificating

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. State and County Educational Reorganization: The Revised Constitution and by Ellwood Patterson Cubberley (1914)
"A state system of certificating. — The examining and certificating of teachers, after July first, 1915, shall become a state function,1 and all examinations ..."

2. The Professionl Training of Secondary Teachers in the United States by George Washington Andrew Luckey (1903)
"The certificating or licensing of teachers for certificating and all des ... All certificating of teachers should be in the hands of this central board. ..."

3. School Management: Practical Suggestions Concerning the Conduct and Life of by Samuel Train Dutton (1904)
"Taking the country as a whole, there are several current methods of certificating teachers which are more or less efficacious in thwarting personal ..."

4. Report of the Commissioner of Corporations on Cotton Exchanges by United States Bureau of Corporations, Herbert Knox Smith (1908)
"Proposed extension of New York warehousing and certificating system to southern markets. ARGUMENTS IN FAVOR OF THE PLAN.—In order to meet the difficulties ..."

5. Columbia University Contributions to Philosophy, Psychology and Education by Columbia University (1903)
"The certificating or licensing of teachers for certificating dll des should ... All certificating of teachers should be in the hands of this central board. ..."

6. Ohio Educational Monthly by Ohio Education Association (1906)
"certificating OF TEACHERS. BY HERMAN S. PIATT, COSHOCTON. There is no place in this country interested in education at many dif- to-day, where entrance'to ..."

7. An English Farmer in Canada and a Visit to the States: Being Notes and by Herbert Grange (1904)
"... Harvesting—Conditions under which free grants are made—Marketing—Inspecting and certificating the grain — Portage la Prairie — Carbery — Brandon. ..."

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