Definition of Chocolate fondue

1. Noun. Fondue made of chocolate melted with milk or cream for dipping fruits.

Generic synonyms: Fondu, Fondue

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Literary usage of Chocolate fondue

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Georgia and the Carolinas by Norman Renouf, Kathy Renouf (1999)
"Either way, you will show more restraint than allowed on a romantic weekend if you can resist a chocolate fondue dessert. ..."

2. Adventure Guide to Costa Rica by Bruce Conord (2005)
"... in a converted lumber mill, and Jardín Cervecero La Jarra, a chic new seafood restaurant that also serves chocolate fondue! Melts in your mouth and in ..."

3. Romantic Weekends Northern & Central Florida by Janet Groene, Gordon Groene (2003)
"There's also filet mignon, chicken dishes, vegetarian choices, seafood, teriyaki and, for dessert, chocolate fondue. 2727 North Monroe Street, ..."

4. Miami & the Florida Keys Alive! by Lisa Simundson (2001)
"Desserts are extraordinary as well, from warm chocolate fondue served with strawberries and cake to fresh-churned banana, chocolate, cinnamon and ginger ..."

5. Buenos Aires and the Best of Argentina Alive!by Arnold Greenberg by Arnold Greenberg (2000)
"Choose something from the dessert cart or try the chocolate fondue. LA TAVOLA Hotel Edelweiss v 426-543 Continental Expensive The elegant La Tavola has an ..."

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