Definition of Cigarette smoker

1. Noun. A smoker of cigarettes.

Generic synonyms: Smoker, Tobacco User

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Literary usage of Cigarette smoker

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Medical and Surgical Reporter (1895)
"Moreover, the cigarette smoker consumes two or three while the cigar smoker consumes one ... Again, the cigar smoker, as compared with the cigarette smoker, ..."

2. Materia Medica: Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Prescription Writing for by Walter Arthur Bastedo (1918)
"The cigarette smoker is prone to inhale, ic, draw the smoke into his lungs. The cigar is less rapidly consumed than the cigarette, and its area of ignition ..."

3. Education by Project Innovation (Organization) (1909)
"The cigarette smoker is slowly and surely poisoning himself, and is largely unconscious of it. In die young the poisoning is very acute and active; ..."

4. Adventures in American Bookshops, Antique Stores and Auction Rooms by Guido Bruno (1922)
"The cigarette smoker never looks for a stronger ... The cigarette smoker increases his daily ration, and finally smokes between the courses of his meal, ..."

5. Health and Disease: Their Determining Factors by Roger Irving Lee (1917)
"The cigarette smoker's cough, for example, is only an evidence of such ... It is perhaps true that the cigarette smoker gets more of the contained poison ..."

6. Preventing Tobacco Use Among Young People: A Report of the Surgeon General by M. Joycelyn Elders (1997)
"Each year, the daily cigarette smoker may experience 50000 to 100000 such ... For example, administering nicotine to a tobacco-deprived cigarette smoker can ..."

7. Cigars: Health Effects and Trends by Donald Shopland (1998)
"These data confirm that the primary cigar smoker who does not inhale the smoke into the lungs absorbs less of the smoke toxins than the cigarette smoker or ..."

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