Definition of Cigarettes

1. Noun. (plural of cigarette) ¹

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Definition of Cigarettes

1. cigarette [n] - See also: cigarette

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Literary usage of Cigarettes

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Preventing Tobacco Use Among Young People: A Report of the Surgeon General by M. Joycelyn Elders (1997)
"The act dealt only with the organized smuggling of cigarettes, described by ... This law increased California's state excise tax on cigarettes from 10 cents ..."

2. A Lifelong Passion: Nicholas and Alexandra: Their Own Story by Andrei Maylunas (2005)
"This paper reports the effects of a multi-community drug prevention trial on the use of cigarettes, alcohol, and marijuana in early adolescents and their ..."

3. Smoking & Health in the Americas: A 1992 Report of the Surgeon General, in by DIANE Publishing Company, Louis W. Sullivan (1995)
"cigarettes manufactured by Duke sold for five cents for a package of 10. They were now the least expensive on the market, and sales increased dramatically ..."

4. Maintaining Budgetary Discipline: Spending and Revenue Options edited by Sherry Snyder (1999)
"cigarettes One-fifth of the total surveyed population (20%, or an estimated 42 million people) reported at least one problem associated with smoking ..."

5. The Relationship Between Family Structure & Adolescent Substance Use by Robert A. Johnson, John P. Hoffman, Dean R. Gerstein (1996)
"3.4 cigarettes Table 3.6 presents the estimated percentages of adolescents reporting ... The percent using cigarettes in each of these two family types is ..."

6. Appletons' Annual Cyclopædia and Register of Important Events of the Year (1899)
""TOBACCO, CIGARS, cigarettes, AND SNUFF. " SEC. 3. That there shall, in lieu of the tax now imposed by law, be levied and collected a tax of twelve cents ..."

7. Health Consequences of Smoking: Nicotine Addiction a Report of the Surgeon by C. Everett Koop, M.D., DIANE Publishing Company (1988)
"Use of cigarettes, by contrast, almost inevitably escalates to a level characterized as dependent use (Russell 1976; US DHHS 1987). ..."

8. Lawyers' Reports Annotated by Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company (1905)
"68. bearing in mind that the package in which the cigarettes were shipped into Cedar Rapids was broken open, or, to use the language of some cases, ..."

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