Definition of Closed primary

1. Noun. A primary in which only registered members of a particular political party can vote. "Closed primaries strengthen party unity"

Generic synonyms: Direct Primary

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Literary usage of Closed primary

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Selected Articles on Direct Primaries by Clara Elizabeth Fanning (1911)
"The “closed” primary requires all electors to give their party preference when they enter the election booth. A ticket is then handed them in accordance ..."

2. Primary Elections, the Test of Party Affiliation by Margaret Anna Schaffner, University of Wisconsin (1908)
"closed primary Under the closed primary the nature of the test may be considered: 1st. from the standpoint of the authority prescribing the test, ..."

3. The Government of American Cities by William Bennett Munro (1920)
"It may almost be said, indeed, that the spread of the closed primary has helped to give state-party- ism in municipal affairs an extended lease of life. ..."

4. The Virginia Committee System and the American Revolution by James Miller Leake (1917)
"... for the closed primary, abolished party enrollment, and provided for a single ballot for all parties. The next legislature, in spite of the Democratic ..."

5. The Progressive Movement: Its Principles and Its Programme by Samuel John Duncan-Clark (1913)
"In some cases what is called a "closed" primary obtains. In this the voter is allowed to vote only for the candidates of that party with which he affiliated ..."

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