Definition of Coconut meat

1. Noun. The edible white meat of a coconut; often shredded for use in e.g. cakes and curries.

Exact synonyms: Coconut
Generic synonyms: Food, Solid Food
Substance meronyms: Cocoanut, Coconut
Specialized synonyms: Copra

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Literary usage of Coconut meat

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Home Cooking in the Global Village: Caribbean Food from Buccaneers to by Richard R. Wilk (2006)
"Pure coconut oil comes from boiling coconut meat, and skimming off the oil that floats to the surface. Oil from the smaller cohune palm nuts is sometimes ..."

2. Home Cooking in the Global Village: Caribbean Food from Buccaneers to by Richard R. Wilk (2006)
"In the Caribbean coconut water is the liquid from the center of the coconut seed, while coconut milk is prepared by soaking shredded coconut meat in warm ..."

3. The Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture: A Discussion for the Amateur, and by Liberty Hyde Bailey (1915)
"It is often eaten with pork, fish, or fowl, sometimes with a sauce of cooked custard expressed from grated coconut meat; or in the form of dumplings cooked ..."

4. On the Water Relations of the Coconut Palm by Philippines Bureau of science, Paul Caspar Freer, Edward Bingham Copeland, Herbert S Walker, Charles S. Banks (1906)
"This is dependent on four factors: (1) The number of revolutions per minute, (2) the angle of inclination, (3) the specific gravity of the coconut meat, ..."

5. The Philippine Journal of Science by Philippines Bureau of Science (1908)
"As a culture medium he used sterilized coconut meat in most instances. The subsequent procedure was as follows: Ten-gram samples of anhydrous copra were ..."

6. Emergency Tariff: Hearings ... Sixty-sixth Congress, Third Session on H.R (1921)
"There is about 40 per cent as much comes in in the form of coconut meat and copra as ... But this bill makes no reference to copra or coconut meat at all, ..."

7. Traditions of the Tinguian: A Study in Philippine Folklore by Fay-Cooper Cole (1915)
"They broke the coconut shell, killed the rooster, and took his feathers to put in the coconut husk, and they broke the coconut meat. ..."

8. Trukese-English Dictionary =: Pwpwuken Tettenin Fóós, Chuuk-Ingenes by Ward Hunt Goodenough, Hiroshi Sugita (1990)
"coconut crab (found inland from the beach). coconut cream arung (nu.): coconut cream (squeezed from grated coconut meat). ..."

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