Definition of Cold cuts

1. Noun. Sliced assorted cold meats.

Generic synonyms: Meat
Specialized synonyms: Lunch Meat, Luncheon Meat

Definition of Cold cuts

1. Noun. Cooked, sliced meat served cold, as in a sandwich or a tray of finger food. ¹

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Literary usage of Cold cuts

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Self-Neglect Among the Elderly: Maintaining Continuity of Self by Susanna D. Bozinovski (1998)
"And then they left«, When we went to make sandwiches, there was no bread and no cold cuts. They took it home with them. (Harold) What did I do? ..."

2. Daytrips Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg: 40 One Day Adventures by Rail, Bus by Earl Steinbicker (2006)
"... (D) salad of cold cuts, potatoes, hard-boiled egg and pickles Ijs (D) ice or ice cream ... (D) meat cold cuts Krab (D) crab ..."

3. A Departure from the Script: A Novel by Rochelle Hollander Schwab (2002)
"She got up and went to check the contents of her refrigerator, saying half under her breath, "It's warm enough, I thought just cold cuts for supper. ..."

4. Poland by Tomasz Torbus (2001)
"Sausages and cold cuts are often a mixture of beef and pork and are frequently spicier than their Western European equivalent. A Sumptuous Christmas Dinner ..."

5. The House of the Dead by Marc Ponomareff (2005)
"... and drew out, rustling against their owner's chest, the bread and mayonnaise, the cold cuts and cheese, with which each day began. A piece of bread, ..."

6. Eating Hints for Cancer Patients by DIANE Publishing Company (1995)
"... lean or low-fat cold cuts and frankfurters Fresh or frozen fish without bones, canned tuna or salmon, cooked shellfish None Buttermilk and chocolate, ..."

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