Definition of Cold duck

1. Noun. Pink sparkling wine originally from Germany.

Generic synonyms: Sparkling Wine

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Literary usage of Cold duck

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Picayune Creole Cook Book (1922)
"Warm the butter in the saucepan, add the lemon Juice and jelly, thoroughly blended; mix well, and serve with the slices of cold duck. ..."

2. 365 Breakfast Dishes by Jacobs, George W & C. (1901)
"Currant Jelly Fritters and cold duck. Cut slices of bread and spread thickly with ... Pile slices of cold duck neatly in the centre of a platter and lay the ..."

3. Common Sense in the Household: A Manual of Practical Housewifery by Marion Harland (1893)
"To USE UP cold duck. >J< I may say, as preface, that cold duck is in itself an excellent supper dish, or side dish, at a family dinner, ..."

4. Once a Week by Eneas Sweetland Dallas (1860)
"And cold duck ! cold duck and old peas, I suppose ! I don't want to come the epicure exactly, in the country. One must take what one can get, I know that. ..."

5. Glimpses of Europe: Or, Notes Drawn at Sight, by a Merchant by Merchant (1859)
"... River—Domo d'Ossola—Trouting amongst the Alps—A Piscatorial mystery—The problem solved—A miss— A cold duck—The Simplon Pass—Gallery of Gondo—Cascade of ..."

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