Definition of Commercialise

1. Verb. Make commercial. "Some Amish people have commercialized their way of life"

Definition of Commercialise

1. Verb. (British spelling) (alternative spelling of commercialize) ¹

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Definition of Commercialise

1. [v -ISED, -ISING, -ISES]

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Literary usage of Commercialise

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Turning Science Into Business: Patenting and Licensing at Public Research by (Paris) Organisation for Economic Co-ope, OECD Staff, Oecd (2003)
"On the other hand, private-sector contractors argued that ownership of the IP was essential if they were to commercialise it. A licence was insufficient for ..."

2. Oecd Economic Surveys Sweden 2007 by Oecd (2007)
"Develop the organisational structure and expertise to effectively commercialise research. Remove the quantitative restrictions on venture capital ..."

3. The Global Environmental Goods and Services Industry by Graham Vickery, Maria Iarrera (1996)
"... demonstrate and commercialise new environmental technologies New environmental technology exploitation centres provide technology transfer services to ..."

4. International Science and Technology Co-operation: Towards Sustainable by Korea (South). Kwahak Kisulchʻŏ (2001)
"The basic strategy for addressing climate change in the United States is to provide public R&D funds for programmes that address and commercialise energy ..."

5. Social Sciences and Innovation by Oecd (2001)
"However, Xerox never attempted to commercialise its prototype and left it to Apple, a small near-by firm, to do so (IBM for a time in the early l980s ..."

6. University Research Management: Meeting The Institutional Challenge by Helen Connell (2004)
"Decisions about how far to seek to commercialise university research involve complex legal issues and requirements, as a number of case studies illustrate. ..."

7. Renewable Energy: Market & Policy Trends in IEA Countries by International Energy Agency (2004)
"A number of initiatives were started then to research, develop, demonstrate and commercialise renewable energy technologies. ..."

8. OECD Economic Surveys: Sweden by Publishing Oecd Publishing (2005)
"INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP Strengthen incentives to commercialise publicly-funded research by sharing intellectual property rights between the ..."

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